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After spending a lot of time moving from city to city and country to country I decided to come back and carefully craft in the most prestigious part of the old town to meet the demand of a growing crowd of people who have become disenchanted by the chains and sub standard offerings that dominate modern society.

I am offering you a personal, intimate experience that should be enjoyed as an amalgamation of culture, style and alcohol appreciation; a chance for you to dance relax and enjoy the excellent customer service, whether on the floor, at the cocktail bar or if you have treated yourself and friends to an Exclusive VIP Package that cannot be compared to anything ever seen before.

The experience became possible after a long hot day sitting on the white sands on a beach in the southern tip of Egypt in the late 90s people seem to think it’s because of my style, charm and veracity, whereas other know the real reason...Buy me a Mojito sometime and I’ll tell you the story....

To book yourselves in to the VIP or enquire about memberships, table bookings or anything else please email

Appreciate alcohol drink responsibly.

Baker Street

The Story....

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